Revol Solutions LIMS

(ISO 17025, 21 CFR Part 11, CAP Compliance)

Key Features
Global Access
Zero Footprint Architecture
Configurable Workflow
PC, Tablet Mobile Responsive
Mobile Apps
Real Time Dashboards
Dynamic Reporting Tool
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ISO 17025:2017, 21 CFR Part 11, CAP Compliance

A LIMS or Laboratory Information Management System is a software solution to address the data management, automation, and regulatory challenges of laboratories across the globe. As the name suggests, a LIMS is used to effectively manage laboratory samples and the associated data, thus standardizing operations by maintaining workflows, tests, and reporting procedures. With the growing needs of laboratories, the traditional LIMS too has evolved, with the system being able to do much more than just tracking samples

Revol Lims is 100% web based laboratory information management system (LIMS) which is a flagship product tailored to manage an organization´s complete laboratory information to optimize the productivity and operating cost with increasing quality across the region with data integrity and compliance to ISO 17025, FSA 21 CFR Part11, CAP regulatory requirements.

Revol Lims takes you beyond the traditional LIMS by consolidating additional functionalities typically found in multiple laboratory systems into one product platform across the global enterprise in a simplified way.

Revol LIMS - Key Features

  • Global access
  • Configurable workflow
  • True zero footprint architecture
  • PC, Tablet & Mobile responsive
  • Mobile Application
  • Comply with internal & external standards
  • Configurable RBS for users
  • Secure, reliable & integrated
  • Real time dashboards
  • Dynamic reports
  • SQC / SPC
  • Comparative analysis
  • Client portal
  • Complete audit trail
  • Electronic signature
  • ERP Integration


Revol LIMS Modules
Analysis Workflow
Revol LIMS Modules
Stability Management
Revol LIMS Modules
Case Management
Revol LIMS Modules
Sample Management
Revol LIMS Modules
Inventory Management
Revol LIMS Modules
Reagent Management
Revol LIMS Modules
Asset Management
Revol LIMS Modules
Document Management
Revol LIMS Modules
Complaint Management
Revol LIMS Modules
Audit Management
Revol LIMS Modules
Training Management
Revol LIMS Modules
Order Management
Revol LIMS Modules
Invoice Management
Revol LIMS Modules
Task Management
Revol LIMS Modules
Revol LIMS Modules
User Management
Revol LIMS Modules
Dashboards & Reports
Revol LIMS Modules
Email, Remainder & SMS

Revol LIMS - Key Benefits

Laboratories implemented with Revol LIMS are Cushioned with many benefits.


  • Eliminate lost data
  • Retrieve data quickly
  • Access archived data
  • Generate invoices
  • Generate & send reports


  • Reduce Error
  • Enhance Quality control
  • Verify data at input
  • Avoid missed deadlines
  • Avoid the embarrassment of false results
  • Easy regulatory compliance

Customer Satiscation

  • Electronically notify customers
  • online Result and COA availability for Clients
  • Configure reports to meet customer needs


  • Track productivity
  • Increase throughput
  • Document lab output
  • Spend time effectively
  • Provide access to data by clients


  • Better data privacy & protection
  • Easy data backup & data Mining options

Revol Lab Automation

Key Industries

Testing & Calibration
Life Science

Revol LIMS Configurable Workflow

The Configurable Workflow in REVOL LIMS allows you to customize the workflow to accommodate your sample life cycle. It can be customized with ease to cater the need of your sample and lab requirements. Adaptive workflow to define new status, create automatic transitions, add new approval and e-signature steps to suit your laboratory requirements.

Revol Workflow is preconfigured in advance, to meet the demands of the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, healthcare life science, forensic, environmental and testing & calibration industries and to ensure a smooth ride in operations by handling time efficiently and increasing the productivity there by reducing the cost of implementation and simultaneously increasing the productivity and hence saving time.