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Business Solutions

Are you struggling to streamline your business process?

Lab Solutions

Your lab requirement deviates from the standard accreditations?

Big Data

In today’s digital world, organizations face an data explosion.

BI & Data Warehouse

A well-designed Data Warehouse is core element for efficient BI.

Artificial Intelligence

From a smart phone to a smart home AI is virtually everywhere today.

Mobile Application

Mobile phones have become one’s constant companion today.

Business Solutions

Revol One Suite

Our Revol One Suite provides a complete solution for your business need. Be that a CRM+ , HRM+ , Accounts, ERP integration, Payroll, you name it, Revol One Suite provides a ready to use solution to that.
Your business requirement deviates from the standard business suites we offer? Well our solution is easily customizable to meet your business need with no code / low code.
Ok you need a complete new solution for your business need that does not fall under any of the standard business solutions. Our expert team is fast and smart to provide custom solutions on top of already proven Revol Omega framework.

Lab Solutions

Revol Lab Solution including LIMS, Integrator, Asset Management System, Gas Calculator, Statistical Quality Control (SQC), Intelligent Reporter, and TOA can operate in various industries like Academic, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Forensic, Environmental, Testing, and Clinical & Life Science without major customization.

Revol LIMS

Revol LIMS is a single solution for the entire laboratory provides the state-of-the-art out of box solution tailored to manage an organization’s complete laboratory information into one system with complete data integrity and compliance to regulatory requirements.
Revol LIMS is in compliance with regulatory requirements in all aspects like authenticity, Integrity authentication, traceability, non-repudiation, Complete Audit Trail etc…

Big Data Services

In today’s digital world, organizations face an explosion of data from various sources than ever before. Managing and making sense of this massive data is challenging and it takes lot of expertise to handle this ‘Big Data’ meaningfully and discover the secrets hidden within. This is a key factor in driving and developing future strategies for businesses.

Data Lake

Revol’s Big Data Engineering services enable your organization to conceptualize and implement a well-thought-out Data Lake across multiple domains and focus areas. Our expert team is strong on Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR Hadoop and expert Administration in Teradata, Greenplum, Netezza Databases.
Our experts can support you in tuning your existing Data Lake for optimal performance. We help our clients account for scale and platform readiness while developing Big Data Engineering capabilities to drive vision and value.

Data Ingestion

Designing an efficient Data Ingestion framework is vital for effective Data Analytics. Our certified professionals will work with you to identify the Data Ingestion sources and design a suitable process to import, transfer, load and process the ingested data for your business.

Data Analytics

The ultimate goal for companies deploying Big Data technology is to sift through large volumes of data and utilize analytics & insights to make better business decisions and identify actionable steps. Revol Solutions offer you efficient Data Analytics for businesses to bypass upfront new capital costs and adopt new business process requirements easily. We offer building, deploying, and managing cloud based applications and services with comprehensive and integrated analytics on multi-structured data.

BI & Data Warehouse

A well-designed Data Warehouse is core element for efficient BI. Data storage and management is an important managerial activity in any organization today and have become significant for rational decision making. Our Data Warehouse experts can help you design cost efficient world class Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Marts with high performance and availability.
Our BI experts can turn your big data into intelligence and insights. With the Next Gen analytic solutions we provide you visual representation of insightful data, enabling you to make informed business decisions. BI empowers you to be a next gen data-driven organization.

Data Visualization

Use advanced data visualization for better insights as compared to traditional enterprise reporting

Big Data

Harness big data analytics to drive better business decisions

Informed Intelligence

Apply decision science to resolve your business issues


Build a data analytics foundation for the long term

Next Gen Analytics

Use Next-Gen Analytics to power a data-driven organization

Business Intelligence

Enable data-driven decision making for better outcomes

Enterprise Data Management

Improve operation efficiency and reduce reporting mistakes


Create data mapping framework which includes policies, practices and procedures to manage the big data life cycle of an enterprise

Artificial Intelligence

From a smart phone to a smart home AI is virtually everywhere today. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming integral part of every aspect of a business. Our AI experts can build you solutions that perform Deep Learning on insights extracted through Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning on your Data Lake/Data Warehouse.
We specialize in implementing Deep Learning Narrow AI solutions that empowers you with Augmented Intelligence to make data-driven business decisions.

Mobile Applications

Mobile phones have become one’s constant companion today. With the exponential increase of computational capability, your mobile can do virtually everything a laptop / desktop can do. Hence providing your solution on a mobile platform ensures its availability always.
May be a startup or a large scale organization, providing your solution as mobile application ensures brand reinforcement, increasing visibility, accessibility, seamless scheduling, and more.
We specialize in Android, iOS and Hybrid application development


Revol develop

Revol develop efficient and innovative solutions based on latest Android development tools & Google SDKs.

iOS Development

Revol Team

Our team can build solutions for iOS, Apple watch, Apple TV, iPhone & iPad


Revol Cross-Platform

Our cross-platform mobile applications work effectively across various platforms and devices using a wide variety of latest technologies.